Gut Health - Essenzefruits Kombucha Prebiotics

For years the science of gut health has focused on pro biotics and maintaining the balance of good and bad bacteria living in the digestive tract. Lately, however, research points to the beneficial role that gut fungi—not just bacteria—plays in our health.

This expanded awareness of gut health started with pre biotics. These foods, such as like chicory root, apples, and Jerusalem artichokes, contain fibers that not only nourish beneficial bacteria in the gut, but also include a number of metabolites and compounds like amino acids that they produce and interact with—all of which affect our overall health.

The key take-away? In 2019, Essenzefruits will be optimizing our gut health in innovative new ways with our Kombucha Powder. We’ll start to see protocols arise for how to create a supportive environment for our microbes, and just like we learned with bacteria, we’ll start to see the bright side of fungi.  Supplements with pre biotics fibers will become prominent. It’s time to zoom out and look beyond just bacteria.

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