About Us

Health is a human right and Essenzefruits® aims to popularize the global consumption of clean label plant based super foods.

At Essenzefruits® , we unlock the power of nature to provide access to nutrition worldwide. With industry-advancing innovations, a innovative portfolio of product to meet any taste.

We only use real, all-natural ingredients. We are proud to develop and offer you the best products on the market. Best of all, our ingredients are sustainable grown and responsibly sourced and tasty.

Our Mission: is to provide the healthiest solutions to the modern Life's Challenges. Manufacture and trade high-performance plant based foods using the best ingredients available, combined with the best nutrient technology.

Our vision: Be a worldwide leader in plant based supplements and high-performance ingredients that are accessible in all markets.

Our Values: Balance, well-being, innovation, sustainability, and ethics.

Our essence: High-quality products and flavor with innovation.

Based in the United States and expanding to other countries, Essenzefruits® has developed a technology that extracts ingredients from fruit and vegetables while preserving real taste and maintaining vitamins and minerals.

 Essenzefruits®  Team.