Millennial's moms & food tendencies!

It’s unique being a parent at this day and age. Millennial parents have to deal with amazing advances on information and technology. Social media alone has had such a profound impact on our society mothers in this new millennium are facing struggles and challenges that have no precedent.

That’s fine though, mothers can handle any situation thrown at us. As for the trends millennial moms are bringing to the table, we have found some interesting characteristics of Generation Y’s parenting styles that are groundbreaking.


They Go Green

While environmentalism goes back as far as the Natives to the Americas, the idea of “going green” is a concept that has become a household term only recently. This has a great deal to do with the constant news regarding global warming and other ecological threats. It doesn’t matter where you sit on the side of the global warming discussion the fact of the matter is, treating our Earth well will only benefit us in the long run.

One of the ways Millennial parents are breaking molds in the green arena is by gardening. Whether it’s an indoor herbal garden or a full-fledged raised bed in your backyard, more millennial's are gardening. Mostly because they are more concerned where their food comes from then their mothers were. Of course, it’s not that our mother’s didn’t care, but they were less aware of the risks of GMO and toxins found in chemical pesticides.

Today’s mom is buying organic and paying special attention to what goes inside their families.

Organic Products

They Are More Informed

The Information Age has revolutionized so much in the human existence, and the easy access to any data you need is one of them. Because millennial moms are tech savvy and grew up never knowing what it’s like not to have the internet they are overloaded with information, which can be a good thing at times and other times not so great.

If you are concerned about the cleaning supplies you are using then the millennial mom can easily find all types of consumer reviews on the internet with a tap of a few keys on the board. That said, it also makes it easier for the millennial mom to search medical databases and fall down a dark spiral. So make sure you keep the research in check and never mistake internet information with medical advice.

The positive side of the internet and all the information it can give is we learn so much faster than our mother’s did. Whether we are interested in finding out ways to boost your child's brain development or why millennial moms are able to do it all, the internet can be our friend, if used correctly.

They Are Safer

We aren’t trying to say that your parents didn’t watch out for your safety, but the products and options available for parenting today are far safer than the ones our parents used. Let’s take car seats for example, today millennial parents have state of the art options.

Humans are innovative and are always trying to find ways to improve upon what they already have. At the moment millennial moms are at the forefront of the latest technology and parenting advancements. Because of this, their children are the safest in history.

They Work Hard

We won’t say that millennial moms work harder than the mothers of previous generations but they don’t work any less, and they are required to carry a ton more responsibility. Let’s take a look back at the unique situation of social media that millennial moms have today.

Monitoring your children’s social media usage is important. Between bullying and potential hazards it seems that you have to constantly keep your eye on what your children are doing on the internet. On top of that, millennial moms also have to watch the amount of screen time their children are getting. Between the television, the tablets, the phones, and the computers, today’s children can’t get away from a screen most of the time.

Long gone are the days when children jumped on their bikes and rode around the neighborhood searching for friends to play with. Today’s child spends more time indoors staring at a screen than the youth of the past.


 They Are Realistic

Millennial moms are the children of soccer moms and helicopter parenting, a technique that has its own criticisms. Today’s mom doesn’t give their children a reward for losing and they expect them to make mistakes. Millennial moms don’t expect their children to be perfect.

They Are Adventurous

In turn, another great aspect of the information available to the millennial mom, is that they can get creative with their parenting. This is the mom that is interested in sensory teaching by making rock gardens. Millennial moms are willing to try new techniques as well as stick to traditional parenting styles.



There is no denying the fact that the millennial mom faces challenges that no other mothers had to face before them. They are setting the precedent for the moms of the future who will have a new set of challenges with whatever technological or parenting advancement they face.


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