Organic Kombucha Powder

What is Kombucha Powder? 

organic kombucha poweder

Kombucha is a fermented tea that has been consumed for centuries, but it has only really risen to popularity in the US since the late 90’s. Nowadays, it’s fast becoming the most popular drink for those focused on health and wellness in the 21st century. Even just over the last few years, the growing popularity of Kombucha has seen sales in the US jump up 43% in 2017 alone. 

Kombucha itself is a fermented tea, sweetened with sugar, made by adding a starter culture of bacteria, known as a ‘scoby’ to either black, or usually matcha, tea. Scobies, or S.C.O.B.Y’s, which stands for symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast, kick off the fermentation process, and give off an effervescent sheen and that extra tangy kick that the kombucha flavor is known for. 

Kombucha powder is created once the fermentation process has been completed, and the kombucha is dried out. It contains probiotic bacteria, the good kind of bacteria that lives in your gut, and supports digestive wellbeing and general vitality. 

How to use Kombucha Powder? 

Kombucha powder is super easy to use - just like a protein shake, yerba mate mix, or coconut milk powder - all you need to do is add water. Still or sparkling both work exceptionally well, and can be the perfect alternative to all those sugary fizzy drinks you’ve been trying to avoid. Pop it into a blender or shake it up in a protein shaker (we recommend a ratio of 3 teaspoons of kombucha powder to every cup of water) and away you go. 

What is Organic Kombucha Powder? 

Organic kombucha powder is naturally fermented and then dried using no additional additives or preservatives. Many leading brands of kombucha powder can be found to be using a ton of different ingredients for the one drink - and you’d be fooling yourself if you were to think they were all natural. 

The average commercially bottled kombucha drink also tends to contain much less probiotic goodness, as it gets more and more weakend throughout the production process. For this very reason, we like to keep our ingredients simple: organic apple extract, organic ginger extract and organic matcha tea. 

How to make Kombucha Powder?

While making one's own kombucha can be a fun hobby at home, combining the tea and the scoby, waiting for it to ferment, extracting the newly formed scobies, trading them with friends and experimenting with different flavours, the honest truth is that not everybody has time to make their own kombucha. It’s also super important to make sure you’re making your kombucha in a sterile and safe fashion. At best, a poorly made kombucha can be a bit funky to taste, and a bit of an anti-climax after all that wait. At worst, the bacteria can be very harmful, and a lot more trouble than it’s worth

So with that in mind, it can be easier, not to mention safer, to purchase your kombucha online or in stores. At Essenzefruits® our kombucha undergoes a 15-day fermentation process, which we then later preserve using our Cool Dry System. This is a safe, tried and tested method, and ensures that we don’t lose any of the benefits or nutritional value of the probiotic bacteria that lives in our body to keep us healthy. 

Kombucha Powder Benefits 

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Kombucha powder contains several species of lactic-acid bacteria, which can all contain probiotic functions. This bacteria can be incredibly useful for your body on a number of levels, and can have a bunch of health benefits, such as: 

  • Easing digestive pain 
  • Soothing inflammation 
  • Managing cholesterol levels 
  • Incurring weight-loss 
  • Boosting immunity 
  • Promoting healthy liver and kidney functionality 

Some kombucha products on the market can throw in a bunch of additives and preservatives to their powder, which can really take away some of the aforementioned benefits. That’s why we ensure to keep our recipe completely organic, with 13 strains of probiotics, using only natural ingredients - and no nasty synthetic sweeteners or emulsifiers. 

Is Kombucha Mix Probiotic Powder? 

Yes, our kombucha powder is exactly that. Just like any other probiotic powder, it has a white-ish beige colour to it, and when dissolved into water has an orange, tea-like colour. 

Where To Buy Kombucha Powder? 

If you remember back to the beginning of the article, kombucha and kombucha powder have become incredibly popular over the past three decades, and even more so over the past three years. Now, you don’t have to trek out to your local health store to get your fix - they can be found in many supermarkets and beverage stores in cities across the US. 

But make sure to check what’s in these pre-bottled beverages. The sugar levels can be through the roof, and the health benefits slim-to-none, so it’s important to know what you’re buying, when you’re buying it. 

Essenzefruits®: Why We Love Kombucha Powder 

When trying to adhere to a lifestyle of healthy living, it can be hard making sacrifice after sacrifice, often forgoing flavour and taste in flavor of health benefits and general well-being. 

But with Essenzefruits® Kombucha Powder, you don’t have to make that decision. The tangy smooth flavor of the kombucha, along with the natural benefits of the acetic and glucuronic acid make for a guilt-free drink that can be prepared as quickly as any other protein mix or probiotic shake. Check out the Essenzefruits® Kombucha Powder here

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    Can I grow a new scoby from dehydrated scoby powder by adding it to newly brewed black tea and sugar? I think I bought the wrong thing. 😞

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    Can i use this in hot water, as a tea?? Or does it deminish the benefits??

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