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You have probably already heard about protein powder already! And if you haven't, then read on.

Yes indeed, protein powders have been around for a long time and have been growing in popularity ever since they hit the market. 

There are more types of protein powder on the market today than ever before, accommodating for all types of diets and all types of lifestyles. But what exactly is protein powder?


What is Protein Powder?


what is protein powder?


Protein powders generally come in three different forms which are whey, Casein and Soy protein. Let’s quickly break down what each protein powder is:

Whey Protein


Whey protein is derived from milk and is not only a source of protein but also a source of amino acids that form the building blocks of natural proteins that are made by our bodies. 

Within the whey protein category, there are actually 3 types of Whey protein, and depending on your dietary needs, each one will offer a different nutritional offering. Whey protein is easily digested and absorbed.

Whey protein is actually a byproduct of cheese production. During cheese making, acids or special enzymes are added to warmed up milk which causes the coagulation of the casein in the milk. This is then separated from the liquid element, washed, dried, and then powdered which makes our whey protein powder. Interesting right!


Casein Protein

Casein protein, like whey is also derived from milk and a by-product of cheesemaking. This means that both whey and casein are dairy-based proteins and not vegan friendly. Casein has been shown to contain some bioactive peptides that have benefits for your heart, immune systems and digestive systems. They have also been shown to help reduce blood pressure and the formation of blood clots. 

Soy Protein

Soy protein is a protein that not surprisingly is derived from soybean! Soybeans can actually be eaten whole or processed into various different types of consumables ranging from tofu to soy milk. They offer an amazing alternative to dairy or meat products and are vegan friendly. In fact, for many vegetarians, vegans and individuals allergic to dairy foods, soy products are a major source for protein in their diets.

You can learn more about the ‘Goods’ and ‘Bads’ of Soy Protein here.

So now we know the 3 main forms of protein supplements and the core ingredient in our protein powders, let’s now understand what is vegan protein powder?

What is Vegan Protein Powder?

Simply put, vegan protein powder is any protein powder that is made to be vegan friendly! 

So if we consider the protein powders we discussed beforehand, which of those are vegan friendly? 

Well clearly soy protein is, as it contains no dairy, but unfortunately, both whey and casein are not vegan friendly as they are derived from milk and the byproducts of cheese production!

So the next question is, is vegan protein powder good for you!?

Is Vegan Protein Powder Good for You?

In addition to ensuring our protein powders are vegan friendly, we may also want to consider whether they are organic. But what does Organic mean when we are discussing protein powders?


What is Organic Vegan Protein Powder?

For a product to be considered organic it must be produced by methods that comply with the standard of organic farming. Of course these standard are different and vary worldwide but as a broad concept products can be considered organic if they cycle resources, promote ecological balance and look to conserve biodiversity.

So O=organic protein powder refers to any powders that are produced using ingredients or more specifically proteins that have been derived from organic methods of production. 

Choosing to consume organic protein powders means not only are you putting less chemicals into your body but you are also helping to reduce the negative impacts we are having on the planet.


Benefits of Protein Powders?

So clearly protein powders offer an excellent source of high-quality protein and even accommodate for vegan diets, but what other benefits can be derived from incorporating protein powders into our diet?


Promotes Muscle Growth - As you get older, generally muscle mass declines which results in fat gain and the potential for certain diseases. That’s why many people choose to do strength or resistance training and couple that with a high protein diet, which helps to prevent the onset of chronic illnesses.


May Lower Blood Pressure - Heart disease is one of the biggest killers around and more often than not, high blood pressure can be the main culprit. The consumption of both Whey and Casein, which are both dairy based protein powders, has been linked with reduced blood pressure. The science is pretty heavy but you can learn more here.


May Help Reduce Inflammation - When your body is damaged in some way, inflammation is part of its response. Short-term inflammation can be beneficial but it can also be damaging. Some studies have linked the consumption of protein powders and their effects on reducing inflammation. Well worth exploring!


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