Yerba Mate: All You Need To Know!

Yerba Mate

If you hadn’t heard yet, yerba mate is the new trendy beverage on the scene! 

Except it isn’t really new, it’s actually been around for centuries. 

Yerba Mate’s ever-increasing popularity is due in part to the many health benefits it claims to offer. 

So let’s delve a little deeper and let’s see what the fuss is all about!

What Is Yerba Mate?

organic yerba mate

Yerba mate refers to both the herb and the tea we derive from it. The herb primarily grows in central and southern regions of South America. The colonizers learned about it from the indigenous people and quickly spread the word across Europe. 

Yerba Mate is an evergreen plant that starts off as a shrub but eventually matures into a tree that can reach a stunning 49 feet tall! The plant produces small fruit berries that then bloom into greenish-white flowers. The leaves and tender stems are often hand-picked then dried in a controlled environment. They are sometimes roasted over a wood fire before they are broken or cut to create the final herb for consumption. 

Some yerba mate is even aged in cedar or other wood for up to a year or more for added flavor!

The yerba mate herb is the main ingredient of the yerba mate tea, the favorite drink of 92% of households in Argentina. To prepare the tea, one grinds or crushes the yerba mate herb, places it in a gourd, a special wooden or metal dish, after which adding cold water little by little. One does this to prepare the herbs for infusion. Only then the herb can absorb the hot water and we can finally enjoy the delicious drink!

What Does Yerba Mate Taste Like?

The yerba mate tea is a beverage very different from what we know and love in the West. But you can definitely acquire a taste for it! 

As Darren from Yerba Mate Lab says, when you first try it, you may well just hate it. But some wonderful things are like that - you have to get to know them to love them. With time, the flavors you can taste range from bitter, woodsy, grassy, all the way to mint, lemon, bread, nuts, fruits, smoke, even chocolate.  What a strange, out-of-this-world experience in just one herb! 

Yerba Mate Health Benefits

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As with everything we’re not too familiar with, we have to ask. Is yerba mate good for you? The herb does lay claim to many health benefits. Some of them require larger studies on humans to be confirmed but the evidence so far is very much in its favor.

Yerba mate contains a whole lot of antioxidants. They are extremely useful compounds that reduce or slow down the damage to the cells - or rather the process of aging. As it also contains caffeine, it can help you feel less tired, and it even may improve physical performance. 

This herb can help boost your immune system by protecting you from infections, but also boosts your metabolism and helps with burning fat. Yerba mate seems to also have a positive effect on memory, bad cholesterol, and blood sugar levels. 

No wonder it was called the drink of the gods! 

How Much Caffeine Is In Yerba Mate?

Does yerba mate have caffeine? Yes, it does. However, the amount is smaller than in coffee but greater than in tea - about 85 milligrams in one cup. That’s how this herb can help you stay focused and energized!

Yerba Mate vs. Coffee

Speaking of staying focused and energized, we’d usually expect that of coffee, the most cherished beverage in the USA. But yerba mate has the same benefits and is an excellent replacement for coffee if you’re trying to go vegan. Essenzefruits® offers its very own roasted yerba mate infused superfood powder which we know you’ll love for when you need you organic, dairy-free and animal-friendly mocha latte fix!

Yerba Mate Side Effects

As we have discussed, yerba mate has many health benefits, some of which need further scientific research to reinforce the full claims. But let’s briefly learn a little more about the side effects of this mythical herb. 

As it contains caffeine, once you consume the herb, one may feel the same side effects you would after drinking coffee. These can include headaches, anxiety, upset stomach and nausea. But generally, if you are a coffee drinker and drink in moderation then Yerba Mate is the drink for you.

What’s important to remember is that if you consume yerba mate occasionally and in moderate amounts, you can boost your health and wellbeing. Moderation and balance in all things is key! 

Yerba Mate: Hot or Cold?

Simple, you can drink yerba mate tea either hot or cold! 

Organic Yerba Mate

When people use a herb or crop in huge amounts, we must also concern ourselves with the effects its production may be having on the planet and the environment as a whole. Often pesticides will be used in not just the harvesting of yerba mate but many fruits and vegetables we know and love. So buying organic is always the way, and you can play your part in helping reduce negative human impact on our planet.

Say no to pesticides! 

So it’s important that the products we buy and consume are organic. And guess what, organic yerba mate has an even better, purer taste than the non-organically produced types.

Where To Buy Yerba Mate?

You can get it in many online shops. One of the most famous brands on the market includes Teatulia. But if you’re looking for just a cheeky taste and the tea form doesn’t appeal to you as such, then check out Essenzefruits® very own Impossible Mocha

Essenzefruits®: Our Roasted Yerba Mate Ingredient

The Impossible Mocha compound contains avocado milk powder, cocoa extract, coconut milk powder, apple extract, and its royal majesty, yerba mate. All of the ingredients are organic and natural. It’s full of fibers and other nutrients, and it tastes delicious. That way you can enjoy the best vegan version of mocha latte and know that you’re drinking a top-notch, healthy product!

Join the Essenzefruits® Tribe Today! 

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